Terms and Condition of sales

Azienda Scalzo




1.1 These contractual terms and conditions are in place for the purchase of products and services ordered at distance by means of electronic network, by Garofalo Carmelina, Contrada Pallone 87050 Marzi, Cosenza (Italy), owner of the web site www.scalzo.it.  Each transaction shall be governed by provisions of the Legislative Decree, September the 6th ,2005, n.206. In regards to the protection of privacy, all shall be subject to the regulation n.196/2003.

1.2 Delivery time, where appropriate, as specified in the list and in the order confirmation, will be subject to variation, also due to the working schedule. In any case, it is always indicative, non-binding for the seller and always refers to working days.


2.1 The concluded contract between Azienda Scalzo and the Client shall be considered completed with the acceptance of the order from Azienda Scalzo. This acceptance shall be tacit whenever the individual begins to execute the contract. If the order is made during public holydays, Azienda Scalzo reserves the right to accept the order by the next business day.

2.2 The charge of compensation from the Client, by online payment or credit card, does not represent completion of the contract. Therefore, in the event that Azienda Scalzo wants to refuse the proposed purchase made by the Client, the Client will have right to a refund of the anticipated payment, but not later than the proceeding 24 business hours.

2.3 The Client cannot ask for any damage compensation and indemnity, or to enforce any contractual or extra-contractual liability for direct and indirect damages to people and/or goods, provoked by the cancellation or rejection, even partial, of an order.

2.4 When making an order, the Client declares that he/she is aware of all the guidance provided during the purchasing progress, and he/she accepts in full the purchase’s terms and conditions described below.


3.1 The Client can purchase only the products on the website when placing the order, as stated in the information documents.

3.2 The picture accompanying the fact sheet of a product could not perfectly match the characteristics described, the colour dimensions, accessorizes shown in the picture, etc. can differ from the product received. All information concerning the purchase support shall be considered as simple information material, that cannot be attributed to the real characteristics of a single product.

3.3 The correct reception of the order will be confirmed by Azienda Scalzo by e-mail, to the e-mail that the Client has notified. The confirmation e-mail will contain an Order-Number, that can be used for further communication with Azienda Scalzo. The e-mail states the Client’s data, the Client must confirm that the data stated within the email is correct, and advise of any possible amendments, according to the terms and conditions stated in this document. In the case of cancellation of the order, Azienda Scalzo will promptly inform the Client.

3.4 Prices list will be subject to variation,this can take place in any moment without notice.

3.5 Payment will be made by bank transfer to the bank account IBAN: CREDITO COOPERATIVO CALABRIA SCRL Filiale di Parenti (CS IBAN IT41 E082 5878 8100 1100 0004 084) or by credit card through Paypal.

3.6 Transport and delivery costs shall be paid by the purchaser.

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