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Cookies are pieces of information present in your browser when visiting a web site or a social network with your pc, smartphone or tablet. Each cookie contains several data like the name of the server which come from, a numerical identifier, etc. Cookies can remain in the system for the duration of a session (in other words until you shut down the browser used during the web surfing) or for long term and they can contain a unique identifying number. On the web site these cookies have been used:


These cookies are used to carry out IT authentications, supervision of sessions and memorization of specific information about users that access a web page. These are useful cookies because they make the web surfing faster and quicker, and they facilitate some web site procedures.


These cookies are used to collect information in aggregated form, by the number of the users and how many times they visit the web site, therefore they elaborate general statistics about the service and the use of the web site.


These cookies are used to track and profile users on the web site, to study movements and consulting habits of the web or of the consume (what they purchase, what they read), also for the purpose of sending targeted advertisements.


These cookies come from other web sites and they are in several elements on the web page itself, for example banner ads, images, videos, etc. They are used for the purpose of profilying. In particular, the web site allows the sending of profiling cookies from the following websites:

Google (;

Facebook (;

Youtube (

Continuing on the web the user accept the use of the cookies.

The user can, in any moment, refuse to give consent to the use of cookies trough the individual setting of the browser used on the webpage.

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