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What has always characterized Azienda Scalzo production is the taste of tradition and the love for authenticity. The firm was founded in 1973 by Giuseppe Scalzo.
Firstly, the production was only related to the sale of fresh and dried mushrooms; but as the years went on there was an improvement and a growth of the business, and it started to produce and sell tools for forestry.
The change from commercial to craft firm in 1989 was a breakthrough for the enterprise. Thus, a new production arose, aimed at the conservation of fruit and vegetables, even wild ones, by treating raw materials with natural elements only, and no preservatives.
Azienda Scalzo has been faithful to the unique recipes of Signora Carmelina.
Signora Carmelina is the founder’s wife and also the backbone of the firm.
Azienda Scalzo’s products are characterized by a natural conservation made by relevant elements such as sugar, extra virgin olive oil and salt.

Today, Azienda Scalzo produces a great range of products, which are sold to retail stores located in Italy and beyond our national borders. Being a business based on sound principles such as traditions, Azienda Scalzo was able to maintain a familiar attitude through the years a, by giving each member of the Scalzo family a responsibility.
Azienda Scalzo products have their origin in the Valle del Savuto, where traditional processing takes place by treating raw materials with natural elements without the use of preservatives.
Characteristics like quality and authenticity are fundamental for the firm, they are constantly respected and preserved thanks to dedication and love for the products and the firm itself. All this symbolizes the aim for the success of Azienda Scalzo’s products.

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