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The Scalzo Family

The flavors of tradition and the love for authenticity have always characterized the production of the Scalzo Company, founded in 1973 by Giuseppe Scalzo. Initially the production was closely linked to the trade of mushrooms, both fresh and dried, but over time , the business grew and evolved, starting the processing and marketing of forestry tools. The definitive turning point came in 1989, when the company went from commercial to artisanal, thus starting a new process aimed at the conservation of both fruit and vegetable products and wild, using traditional manufacturing processes, treating the raw materials exclusively with natural elements, without preservatives. All according to the unique recipes of Mrs. Carmelina, wife of the founder and current backbone of the company. Sugar, extra virgin olive oil, salt and all the elements useful for natural preservation are used in Scalzo products. Today , the Scalzo Company, produces a vast range of items, the marketing of which is reserved for specialized shops present throughout the national territory and beyond. And as in the best of traditions, the company has managed to maintain a family character over time, assigning roles of responsibility to all members of the Scalzo family. Scalzo products are all created in the Savuto Valley using traditional manufacturing processes, treating the raw materials exclusively with natural elements, without preservatives. This means that over time, the characteristics of quality and authenticity that the company has pursued over the years, are respected and maintained thanks to the love and dedication that have always represented the prerequisites for the success and success of typical Scalzo products.

Contrada Pallone

Production room