Dried tomato spread

In extra virgin olive oil

Without preservatives and chemical colourants

Long-life product


Our Dried Tomato Cream is a delicacy rich in flavour, made with high quality ingredients. This cream is perfect for adding a Mediterranean touch to your dishes. Ideal for spreading on crostini, seasoning pasta or enriching second courses. Without chemical preservatives, we offer a genuine and tasty product, which brings the true essence of Italian tradition to the table.

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Information Dried tomato spread

Dried tomatoes 55%, extra virgin olive oil, chilli pepper, vinegar, salt, garlic, aromatic herbs.


In 100 g of dried tomato cream we find:

  • Energy: 1585 kJ / 385 kcal
  • Fat: 13 g
  • of which saturated 4 g
  • Carbohydrates: 53 g
  • of which sugars 28 g
  • Protein: 14 g
  • Dietary fibre: 11 g
  • Salt: 1.85 g

How to use:

Filling for main dishes: enrich chicken, fish and bruschetta with this Mediterranean black olive cream. Versatile ingredient for sauces, gravies and salad dressings. Perfect topping for pizzas, focaccias and wraps.

Pasta with Dried Tomato Cream


  • 400 g pasta (preferably spaghetti or penne)
  • 4 tablespoons of dried tomato cream
  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 10 cherry tomatoes (optional)
  • 50 g of grated parmesan
  • Salt to taste
  • Black pepper to taste
  • Fresh basil leaves for garnish


  1. Cook the pasta: Bring a pan of salted water to a boil. Cook the pasta following the instructions on the package until it is al dente.
  2. Prepare the sauce: Meanwhile, in a large skillet, heat the extra virgin olive oil over medium heat. Add the garlic and fry until golden. Remove the garlic from the pan.
  3. Add the cherry tomatoes (optional): If you want to add a fresh touch, cut the cherry tomatoes in half and add them to the pan. Cook for a few minutes until slightly wilted.
  4. Add the cream: Add the Dried Tomato Cream to the pan and mix well. If the cream is too thick, add a little pasta cooking water to obtain a creamier consistency.
  5. Combine the pasta: Drain the pasta al dente and transfer it directly into the pan with the cream. Mix well to combine the pasta with the sauce.
  6. Season:Add salt and pepper to your taste. Sprinkle with grated parmesan and mix again.
  7. Serve: Divide the pasta onto plates and garnish with fresh basil leaves. Serve immediately.

Enjoy your meal! This recipe enhances the intense flavor of our Dried Tomato Cream, creating a simple but delicious dish that brings the aromas and flavors of the Mediterranean to the table.

Storage method:The product can be stored at room temperature until opened. Once opened, store in the refrigerator. For better preservation, we recommend adding oil to cover the product and consuming it within 30 days.